T-Ball Rules and Regulations Youth Sports Optimist Club

We will play by local park rules in conjunction with: Baseball—Oklahoma High school Federation, as published by Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association (O.S.S.A.A). Local park rules will take precedence. SOFTBALL—. Oklahoma High school Federation, as published by Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association (O.S.S.A.A). Local park rules will take precedence. Ball Park staff will determine field playing conditions. The age cut-off for Baseball is January 1st of the current year (Baseball: Cannot turn 7 before January 1st of the current year). The age cut-off for Softball is January 1st of the current year (Softball: Cannot turn 7 before January 1st of the current year).

Each team will provide ballpark with a completed roster. Maximum number of players on roster is 15. Each team will be required to provide ballpark staff with copies of birth certificates (no hospital certificates) for each player in the event a team is protested for player eligibility. It is the responsibility of each coach to ensure all information on their teams roster is correct. Any discrepancy in the roster could lead to suspension, forfeiture of game(s), and forfeiture of any and all fees paid.

A protest which involves an umpires judgment in not permitted. If a protest is based on an interpretation of the playing rules the protesting head coach, (the coach listed as the head coach on the teams official roster) must, at the time the play/ruling occurs, notify the home plate umpire, the opposing coach and the scorekeepers that the game is being played under protest. The coach must state what rule/ruling he is protesting. The plate umpire will make a note of the time and situation of the game, and instruct the scorekeepers to make notes in each teams score book. The game will continue and be completed. The protesting coach MUST, immediately following the game, report the protest to the park officials and pay a $100.00 protest fee. Protest fee must be paid in certified funds. Protesting coach will state, in writing, the purpose of protest. The protest will be heard by the park Protest Committee within seven (7) days. The Protest Committee will be made up of two park officials, head umpire, and two impartial coaches from another age division. All involved parties will be heard. A decision will be made by the Protest Committee and will be announced to all parties. In the event the protest is ruled invalid, the protest fee is forfeited. If the protest is ruled valid, the correct ruling will be applied, from the time of the protest, and the game will be played from that point forward. Both teams will be advised of the rescheduled game time and date. The decision of the Protest Committee will be final. Protest for player eligibility will follow the same process, except, the umpire will immediately stop the game and bring the protest to the ballpark office staff. The ballpark office staff will hear the protest, review all documents, and rule on the protest. If the protest is ruled valid, the game will be forfeited. The protest fee will be refunded. If the protest is ruled invalid, the protest fee will not be refunded and the game will resume where it was suspended.

Protests during tournament games will not be allowed, except for player eligibility, including age. In the event a coach wishes to file a protest, based on eligibility of a player, the head coach, (The coach listed on the team’s roster on file with the ballpark) must notify the home plate umpire of their desire to file a protest. This must be done during the game in which the player being protested is participating. The home plate umpire will immediately suspend the game. There is a $100.00 protest fee for each protest filed. The protest fee must be in certified funds. The umpire will direct the head coach to the ballpark office where the protest fee is due immediately upon arrival. The protesting coach will be asked to put in writing his/her protest. Once this is done, park officials will review all documents, including rosters, score books, birth certificates, etc, to determine if the protest is valid. In the event park officials determine the protest is not valid, the protest fee is forfeited and the game will resume from the time and place it was suspended. If the park officials rule the protest is valid, the game will be declared a forfeit, with the offending team being declared the losing team and the protesting team being declared the winners. In the case of a valid protest, the protest fee is refunded in full.

Teams will have line-up completed and be ready to play at the scheduled game time. GAME TIME WILL START AT THE COIN FLIP. (Do not delay in getting your players on the field, the game clock is running) A team may start a game with as few as seven players, taking two automatic outs in the 8 and 9 position in the batting order. If a player arrives late they will take the batting position in the line-up where the first automatic out is listed, and so on. Any team not fielding at least 7 players at anytime during the game will forfeit. There will be a five minute grace period. EXCEPTION: If the ballpark staff are advised of a problem concerning a team not being on time, at the discretion of the ballpark staff, the game may be held until the team arrives.

Protective head gear (batting helmets) must be worn by all offensive players while on the playing field. Shin Guards, protective cup, chest protector, catcher’s mask with throat protector, must be worn while catching. Coaches will make certain all their players have required equipment, It is the coach and parents responsibility to ensure all players have proper equipment for safety. Baseball: Both teams must provide a new or like new 8-1/2” baseball for each game. Ball must be cushioned cork center, leather cover. Softball: Both teams will provide a new or like new 11”, ASA approved, .47 core, leather cover softball for each game.

Fifty foot (50’) bases. Thirty-five foot (35’) pitching rubber.

One hour or five innings with a 5 minute rule in effect. No new inning will begin within the last 5 minutes of the game. An inning will be completed when the defensive team records 3 outs, or the offensive team scores 7 runs. T-Ball: No defensive coaches allowed on the playing field during live ball situations. Pre-T-Ball: One defensive coach will be allowed on the field, behind the infield baselines during live ball situations. This coach must not touch any player, the ball, or impede any base runners.

15 runs after 3 innings, 2-1/2 innings if the home team is ahead. 8 runs after 4 innings, 3-1/2 innings if the home team is ahead.

The ball will remain live until the umpire calls “time”. Time will be called when the ball is held by a defensive player, in the infield area, and in the judgment of the umpire, all play has ceased.

All players present at the game will bat, no intentional walks are allowed. There will be free substitution in the field. Any player arriving late will be added to the bottom of the batting line-up. Any player who misses their turn at bat will be declared out. EXCEPTION: In the case of injury or illness, batters missing their turn at bat will not be declared out. HOWEVER, if the umpire believes the player is not taking his/her turn at bat for any reason other than illness of injury, he/she will be declared out. An injured player may later return to the game, if able, however, an ill player may not.

The pitcher must have one foot in contact with the pitching rubber or in the pitching circle (Turf field only) when the ball is placed on the tee and the umpire starts play by announcing “Play Ball” Should the pitcher violate this rule the umpire will immediately call dead ball time, the batter will be awarded first base and all base runners will be awarded one base. The pitcher may not make any motion from the pitching position. If the pitcher violates this rule, the ball will be declared dead. No defensive player may take a position on their field in front of the pitcher, or closer to home plate than the pitcher, when the batter is ready and the umpire declares “Play Ball”. Should a player violate this rule, the batter will be awarded first base and all runners will be advanced one base. If the umpire believes defensive players are violating this rule intentionally, the player will be removed from the game.

The batting coach will place the Tee directly on top of home late. The batter will take his/her place in the batter’s box. The umpire will place the ball on the tee and will announce “Play Ball”. The batter can only “address the ball” one time after “Play Ball” has been announced. Should the batter violate this rule, they will be warned once. After that warning, each time the batter addresses the ball more than once a strike will be called. Once the batter hits the ball, the batting coach MUST REMOVE the tee and bat from the home plate area. Should the coach fail to do this, and a defensive player is impeded, interference will be called and the runner closest to home will be declared out. A second time the coach fails to remove the tee and bat from the home plate area, the coach will be removed from the batting coach position for the remainder of the game. The batter will be allowed three strikes to hit the ball fair. The ball must travel at least ten feet, the arch in front of home plate is ten feet. If the ball fails to travel ten feet, it will be declared a foul ball. A foul ball on the third strike will be declared an out. No walks in tee ball.

For safety reasons, any player that throws their bat after swinging at the ball will be declared out, no warnings, no base runners will advance. If the same player violates this rule, during the same game, they will not be permitted to bat again, no out will be scored, just skip this batter each time up.

There is no stealing allowed. A runner must stay in contact with the base until the ball is hit by a batter. If a runner leaves early, they will be warned one time, after that they will be declared out. If a runner does leave early, and the defense puts the runner out, the play will stand. If the runner leaves early and is not put out by the defense, aside from the warning, the runner will only be entitled to one base beyond the base reached by the batter.

If at the end of regulation play the game is tied, extra innings will be played. Starting with the top if the extra innings and each half inning thereafter, the offensive team will begin its turn at bat with 2 outs. Each team can score 7 runs, maximum 10 runs, before the 3rd out is recorded.

Three innings or 2-1/2 if the home team is ahead, or one half of the official game time has expired will constitute a complete game. If the visiting team is batting when the game is called as a result of field conditions or weather, the final score will revert back to the last completed inning to determine a winner. If the last completed inning was tied, the game will be rescheduled and finished from the point in which it was stopped.

Children 14 and under are admitted free. Those 15 and older will pay a daily admission to the ballpark. Each will receive a hand stamp to re-enter the park during the same day. If you leave the park and do not have a hand stamp, you will not be permitted to enter without paying admission. NO REFUNDS of gate fee will be made under any circumstance. For additional questions, call the Optimist Club office at: (405) 672-5055