Tournament Rules:
Del City Ball Park 1900 S. Sunnylane Rd, Del City, Ok 73115 (Behind Del City High School) (405) 672-5055
Owner Operator: Heath Browning Youth Sports Optimist operates Del City Ball Park is dedicated to providing a place for kids to learn the rules and fundamentals of baseball/softball. These rules are established to help achieve the highest standard of sportsmanship and fair play while maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment. All announcements made at the ballpark on day of games will be official rules of play at the parks.

Del City Ball Park General Park League Rules Youth Sports Optimist:
Baseball Division will play Oklahoma High school Federation rules, as published by the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association (O.S.S.A.A) , modified by Local Park Rules. Local park rules will take precedence. Park officials will decide field playing conditions. The age cut off for Baseball is May 1st of the current year. Example: a player who turns 7 years old before May 1st of the current year is too old for 6 year old t-ball and must play 7 year old Machine Pitch. Softball Division will play Oklahoma High School Federation as published by the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association (O.S.S.A.A) , modified by Local Park Rules. Local Park Rules will take precedence. Park officials will decide playing conditions. The age cut off for Softball is Jan 1st of the current year. Whatever age a player is before January 1st of the current year, is the age division they will play. Example: A player turns 7 on or after January 1st of the current year is still eligible to play 6 & Under tee ball.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be permitted on or off the playing field. Unsportsmanlike conduct by any player, coach, or any spectator will result in ejection from the game or ballpark as determined by officials for the benefit of the ball park and its guests. Any person ejected from a ball field or directed by park officials to leave the ball field or ball park who refuses to do so may be prosecuted for trespassing. A Park official, including field umpires, have the authority to eject any unsportsmanlike person from the park. In the event the ejected party refuses to follow instructions and leave the field or park, as instructed, after a second warning to leave, the umpire will forfeit the game and award the win to the opposing team. It is our desire to always allow parents, players, coaches, and other fans to enjoy the games. With this in mind, ejecting a person from a game or the ball park is not our first choice. However, if in our opinion, removing the party from the game/park will be in the best interest of the ballpark, and our guests, we will take such action. Verbal abuse of coaches, players, fans or umpires will not be permitted. In the event a league coach is ejected from a league game he/she will be suspended from coaching their next scheduled league game. In the event a league coach is ejected a second time from a league game he/she will be suspended for their next two (2) scheduled league games. Suspended coaches will be permitted to attend the games, and watch from the stands, unless instructed otherwise by park officials. He/she will not be permitted in the dugout or on the field, before, during or after the game. In the event a coach is ejected from a league game a third time, a review committee meeting will be held. The review committee will be comprised of two (2) park officials, head umpire, and two impartial coaches, from another age division. The review committee will discuss the issue with the coach and involved umpires, and make a determination as to whether he/she should be permitted to coach future games at the ballpark. The Review committee’s decision shall be final.

Children fourteen (14) years old and younger are admitted to the park free. Guests 15 and older will pay a daily admission to enter the ballpark. All paying guests will be offered a “hand stamp” upon entry into the ballpark. To re-enter the ballpark, during the same day, you MUST have your hand stamped, no exceptions. In the event of rain, the ballpark staff will make determinations of field conditions. If park staff determines games cannot safely be played, because of weather or field conditions, games may be suspended, delayed or cancelled. If games are delayed or suspended, rain check tickets will not be given, since the games are expected to be continued after a delay. If you leave the ballpark, be sure you have your hand stamped, as your stamp will allow you re-entry to the park when games resume. If you do not have your hand stamped, you will not be permitted to enter the park without paying admission. If games are cancelled, as a result of field or weather conditions, no refunds will be given during a tournament.

Ball park staff will make every effort to prepare the fields for each tournament if bad weather approaches please call Del City Ball Park (405) 672-5055 for further information.

A protest which involves an umpires judgment is not permitted. If a protest is based on an interpretation of the playing rules, the protesting head coach, (the coach listed as the head coach on the teams official roster) must, at the time the play/ruling occurs, notify the home plate umpire, the opposing coach and the scorekeepers that the game is being played under protest. The coach must state what rule/ruling he is protesting. The plate umpire will make a note of the time and situation of the game, and instruct the scorekeepers to make notes in each teams scorebook. The game will continue and be completed. The protesting coach MUST, immediately following the game, report the protest to the park officials and pay a $100.00 protest fee. Protest fee must be paid in certified funds. Protesting coach will state, in writing, the purpose of protest. The protest will be heard by the park Protest Committee within seven (7) days. The Protest Committee will be made up of two park officials, head umpire, and two impartial coaches from another age division. All involved parties will be heard. A decision will be made by the Protest Committee and will be announced to all parties. In the event the protest is ruled invalid, the protest fee is forfeited. If the protest is ruled valid, the correct ruling will be applied, from the time of the protest, and the game will be played from that point forward. Both teams will be advised of the rescheduled game time and date. The decision of the Protest Committee will be final.

Each team will receive three (3) coach passes to enter the ballpark for Tournaments. You MUST SHOW your pass each time at the gate to enter without paying gate admission. Passes are intended for the coach they were issued to. Do not share your pass with anyone else, as it will be destroyed by park staff. Lost, stolen, destroyed, misplaced or otherwise passes WILL NOT be replaced under any circumstances.

If you enter a tournament and drop after Wednesday night or after brackets are posted or do not show up for a tournament that you have entered you will be required to put down a $100 deposit to enter your next tournament at Del City Ballpark.

A player may not play for (2) two different teams in the same tournament this will cause the teams to forfeit their entry fee and the games the player in question has played.

No refunds of gate admissions under any circumstances. Pets are not permitted in the ballpark, except those assisting a disabled individual. No soliciting of any kind permitted at the ballpark, inside the ballpark or in the parking lot area. No alcoholic beverages permitted in the ballpark. No outside food or drinks will be permitted to be brought into the ballpark. No ice chests, No coolers: (including soft side or regular coolers, small or large), These items will not be allowed in the ballpark. (Please understand, we must have a zero tolerance for alcohol in the ballpark and many people have attempted to bring alcohol into the park in coolers. This is the primary reason for these rules.) Team water jugs, those with a pouring nozzle, are permitted in the ballpark. The ballpark does have some large water jugs available for use. If you need one, just ask for one, and yes it’s free to use them!

Important Contact Phone Numbers:
Del City Ball Park: Main Number & Rain Out Number: 672-5055

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